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Have you considered attending the American Christian Fiction Writers’ annual conference this September 22-25? If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to go! I’d love to meet you, and you’ll never forget the ACFW experience.

Since I joined ACFW years ago, I’ve only missed the annual conference once, which was totally a God thing. As it happens, my appendix kind of exploded the day that particular conference began, so it was nice not being half a country away from my hospital.

God willing, and assuming my health remains in its normal, tip-top condition, I fully intend to go to ACFW this year, and one of the workshops I’m most eager to attend is “Understanding E-books,” taught by agent Steve Laube and attorney/novelists Rick Acker and Cara Putman.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by the emergence of e-book publication over the past several years. I have so many questions about what the practice involves. I know quite a few well-published authors who have started to e-publish their out-of-print books and their books that don’t quite fall within their branded genre. I want to know if e-publishing might be in my own future.

Laube, Acker, and Putman (sounds like a law firm doesn’t it?) will give a brief historyof the e-industry before laying out the pluses and minuses of e-publishing. They’ll also address 1how to avoid piracy one’s work and how e-publishing affects book contracts3 established before e-publishing was a viable issue.

As is the case with most authors today, I’m curious about the costs and returns of e-publishing, how the e-industry affects my agent, and what steps I need to take if I decide to e-publish.

Once I get to the conference, I often miss a class here and there, when I run into an old friend and want to catch up, or when I have an appointment with an editor, or when I absolutely must take a nap to catch up after the previous night’s carousing. But this is one class I will not miss. I hope to see you there. We’ll sit together. And who knows what our e-futures will hold?

Trish Perry writes from outside Washington, D.C.

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