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by Lorraine Walker

I have found the advice of established authors to be invaluable on my writing journey. To all of you who are inundated with deadlines, revisions, research, and marketing, please know that your writing tips, blog posts, and info on your websites are golden nuggets to others. You have lived the writer’s life and your expertise helps those of us who are newbies or are waiting for that contract from a traditional publisher.

As a new writer, I desperately searched websites of authors I loved to read for any tidbit of information that may enhance my writing skills. I’ve studied your works to see what makes them so good and have been inspired by your wordsmithing, flow, and the beauty of your creativity.

Even though you may not have time for endorsements and reviews, those places where you post and have interviews are giving us a peek into your lives and into the valuable information you have gathered along the way. So, even though your busy lives disallow one on one mentoring, you are a great asset to us as you share insights and struggles.

Robin Lee Hatcher comes to mind with her transparency over current revisions. Love your books, Robin! It’s nice to know one of the GREATS still works hard to make her books the very best. Go, Robin! When I read her stories, they seem so effortlessly seamed and her voice has that lovely quality of perfection that strikes just the right notes in my heart-such a beautiful melody. Love to follow Robin on Writes of Passage and Write Thinking-what a blessing!

So you see, ladies and gents, you are mentoring and spreading fragrant bouquets along the way. We are picking up those tidbits of helpful information and storing them in our treasure chests. Thanks for being a part of our writing journey. Your sharing helps us become better writers! Blessings forevermore…

Rebecca Lorraine Walker, author of the Laurel Oaks Trilogy, received a 4 star review from Romantic Times for her first novel, Love at Laurel Oaks. Her first two novels were endorsed by Lawana Blackwell. Lorraine is currently seeking publication for her Mail Order Brides of the West Series and is working on a new series, Women of Destiny. She is a member of ACFW and the Christian Writers Guild.

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