Silly Love Songs

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by Ami McConnell
Thomas Nelson, Inc.

John Lennon’s iconic self-portrait hung on my cubical wall for years. His whimsical art was a wink to my arty inner-poet. But I have turned a corner recently. I’m wearing my (virtual) Paul McCartney jersey now. Here’s why.

Paul McCartney wrote “Silly Love Songs” in response to critics’ accusation that he wrote lightweight songs-and there’s speculation that for “critics” here we could substitute the name John Lennon. But that’s conjecture. As a Beatles fan,I’m loathe to stir the pot.

My point is that “Silly Love Songs” is confessional. In it, McCartney sings of his belief in love and that ultimately “love isn’t silly at all.” When I hear this song, something in me cries, “Yes! This is our anthem!”

Because, Dear Christian Writers, we are a people of love songs. For we serve a God who is Love! Everything we write and publish proclaims that love matters.

Sure, there’s a place in this world for novels critics call “provocative.” But I often wonder, provocative to what end? As for me, I want novels that show me what Love looks like, incarnate. Show me familial love, agape love, romantic love– all kinds! That’s what I need. It’s what the world needs. Nothing satisfies as does love.

Readers and critics won’t always understand what you’re about, Dear Writer, so please remember the Apostle Paul’s encouraging words: “The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him” (1 Corinthians 2:14).

So to those of you penning “silly love songs” today, I applaud you. Please oh please, write on.

AMI MCCONNELL is Senior Acquisitions Editor for Thomas Nelson’s fiction division. Her editing credits include New York Times Bestsellers, RITA finalists, and several Christy Award winners. In 2009, ACFW named McConnell Editor of the Year. She’s the proud mother of five children and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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