Shining God’s Light Through Our Writing

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by Kathi Macias

One question I am often asked is, “Why do you write about such dark topics?” My answer? “I don’t write about dark topics; I write about the Light that shines in the darkness.”

Now I’ll admit that most of my novels’ subject matter isn’t exactly easy reading; it isn’t easy writing either, as topics like the persecuted Church, loved ones in prison, homelessness, and illegal immigration challenge us to explore places we might not otherwise choose to go. But none of those topics challenged me as deeply as the topic of my current series, which is human trafficking-more specifically, child sex slavery.

To be fair, the topic wasn’t my idea. My publisher suggested it, and I agreed to do some research and get back to her. After speaking with law enforcement officials, investigative journalists, and various ministries dedicated to the rescue of victims and the eradication of human trafficking, I realized I couldn’t walk away from the issue.

Isn’t that the way it should be with Christian writers? It’s not so much the depth of darkness we’re willing to explore or tackle, but rather the clarity and brightness of God’s Light we’re willing to project in the midst of it. God’s purpose for us, as we paint word pictures and invite our readers along for the journey, is to convey His love and faithfulness in any situation, be it the depraved setting of a hole-in-the-wall brothel or the warm scenario of a loving Christian home where Jesus is honored in every word spoken.

As one who has walked with God for nearly four decades, much of which has involved some level of public ministry, I’ve found that whether writing or speaking, the Lord tends to mold my heart and draw it closer to His as the message develops. When I tackled the first book in the trafficking series, Deliver Me From Evil, I agonized as I realized my story was close to the truth of what many experienced daily. My cry as I researched and wrote and edited was, “Deliver them, Lord! Set them free!” When I moved on to book two, Special Delivery, I felt a spark of hope for real-life trafficking victims as some of my characters began to see light at the end of their very dark tunnels. Then, at last, God led me through the writing of The Deliverer, reminding me the entire way that regardless of circumstances, we all need a Deliverer-and there is only One, the same One for each of us, the One who stands with nail-scarred hands, outstretched and bidding us to come.

The Father’s heart calls us to shine His Light in a dark world, whatever the topics or settings of our books. And I have learned, through my own research and writing, that as I do so, the Light shines brighter in my own life as well.

A former newspaper columnist and reporter, Kathi Macias has authored 40 books, including Carol finalist Red Ink. Kathi is a popular speaker at churches, women’s retreats, and writers’ conferences, and was named 2011 Author of the Year by She lives in Southern California with her husband, Al.

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  1. I was just reading Genesis 1. God Himself separated the light from darkness. Where God is, He brings light. Someday Jesus will be all the light we need. Our faith walk is about bringing light into the darkness. I applaud you, Kathi, for not being afraid of the darkness. Thank you for realizing that the only way to healing is to shine God’s light.

  2. God calls us all to be strong and courageous, and to reveal the darkness, so His light can dispel it. Thanking God for you, Kathi, for being willing to follow after His heart and walking up the slumbering sleeper that is His Body towards action!

  3. Wonderful post, Kathi. I write about darker themes, too, in my historicals and love what you’ve said about the Lord’s light shining through that darkness. It’s exactly what I try to do. There is a call for all kinds of Christian fiction, ours included.

  4. I love how you explain the rational behind this series. This series, althought undoubtedly dark in the reading, covers ground that most of us would rather skirt. I admire your courage and committment to spreading the Gospel of Deliverance from every evil. Blessings,

  5. Kathi, I also write transformational fiction. Transformational Fiction is fiction that deals with tough issues. It seeks to show how God’s Truth transforms characters on their journey. And it invites the reader to journey with them.

    I couldn’t agree more with your points about why you write. It is why I write too. Writing these kind of books is a special calling because it requires us to go into emotionally and spiritually dark places that we probably would never go otherwise. But it isn’t about us. It is about being a vessel for the Holy Spirit through which He shines His light, love and hope to that dark world.

    It is my prayer that people who read our books are touched in a special way either because they relate to the issue, or they didn’t relate at all before going on the story journey and now they do! Either way, I think they will find the experience will be transforming.

    There is a new Facebook page, Transformational Fiction Fans, for readers who seek this kind of fiction.

  6. Kathi, thank you for honoring God’s call on your writing. These issues are not new ones. They’ve always been there, but most of us have tried to pretend they don’t exist. Or that there’s nothing we can do about them. Or that if they don’t touch us personally as individuals, why be concerned?

    I’ve witnessed that attitude too many times to count. A shrug of the shoulder, a ‘not my business’ throw-away comment, and that’s it.

    You, and other writers like Nikki, take these issues and bring them into the open. They cannot, and must not be ignored.

  7. Thank you, Kathi! I really needed this reminder today. “The Father?s heart calls us to shine His Light in a dark world.” I’m so glad you keep answering His call.

  8. I suspect that the Lord told you what to write about, Kathi, because He knew you were an author who would listen. This is not a pretty world. We need to be educated on how to help change it. Thanks for doing that.

  9. Kathi, your writing is an inspiration. Thank you for being faithful to shine the light of God into the dark situations of life. For our nation to survive, we need repentance and acknowledgement of the Lord as our Redeemer and King. You are making a difference.

  10. Magnificent message, Kathi. Thank you for your honesty and clean thinking as to why you lift up these subjects. We must know more and more of the world that we might not ever be exposed to. To know the Light that shines in that darkness is the abundant life of Jesus. God bless you with His direction and power.

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