Profile your Prospects: Creating Characters to Target your Market

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Guest Post
By Rosey Dow

It’s the first rule of marketing that you should know your target market and direct everything to them. But unfortunately, most marketing trainers seem at a loss when it comes to explaining exactly how to do that. Most writers have a general idea of their readership, but their prospects still feel like shadowy figures.

The good news is that creating a prospect profile is easier than you might think. First of all, like the characters in our books, our prospects are people with personalities, roles, and needs. Although each one is unique yet overall personality styles do fall into patterns. The great psychologist, Carl Jung taught about personality styles and his work has been accepted as foundational for generations. For generations, fiction writer have used archetypes as standard procedure for creating characters.

Your prospects also have personality styles and roles. Once you discover their place in that archetypal system, you have the key to connection with them.

The FBI has been doing it for years. Initiated by the famous John Douglas, entire divisions of law enforcement are now dedicated to profiling unknown suspects. You can use the same approach for putting a 3D persona to your still-faceless prospect. You can know who they are to the point that you will know what kind of magazines they read and what they prefer for breakfast.

If you’ve been in the industry for some time, this is even easier. Choose your favorite 3 readers. Sit down and list their likes and dislikes and their approach to their lives. This is start of a major shift in your thinking as well as in how you communicate with everyone you come in contact with.

Are your readers outdoorsy types? Do they love to study or would they rather get the short version? Do they listen to an iPod while jogging or while at the gym? Are they hassled work-at-home moms? Make a list and think through these questions. Then think about whether they love to laugh or if they quietly smile at a joke and change the subject. Would they rather see a pie chart or scan a one-page overview?

Answer these questions and you’ll be well on the way to connecting with people you have yet to meet through your stories, email broadcasts, your web copy, your audio promotions. But once they walk in the door, you’ll know them instantly.

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With more than half a million books in print, Rosey Dow brings her talents as a Christy-award winner into her Internet marketing business to provide Prospect Profiling for magnetic marketing.

Rosey’s Bio: Christy Award winning author, Rosey Dow has been active in the publishing industry for more than 25 years on many levels. She in an Internet marketing specialist and the CEO of Let’s Get Real Marketing, training writers and professionals to profile their prospects for maximum influence and impact. She lives in Columbia, SC.

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