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by Christa Kinde

Travel takes courage. Away from home, without the comfort of familiar things, surrounded by strangers, we wander.

Not all that long ago, my husband and I were in a foreign city, trying to navigate dark streets with nothing more than the tiny map from the back of a brochure. Drizzle added a wet sheen to the streets, whose names changed every other block. I feared we were lost, but then we turned a corner and gawked. We hadn’t realized our hotel was so close to a cathedral.

The thrill of that discovery is still one of my favorite memories from that trip.

Reading takes courage. The stories we read often push us out of our comfort zone. Even though we’re surrounded by familiar things, our imaginations wander. But not without aim.

The most satisfying stories are driven by the author’s sure hand—progressing with purpose, building anticipation, treading confidently through twists and turns, leading to a destination that is well worth the journey.

Writing takes courage. Nothing wanders quite so diligently as my attention, especially during the hours I’ve set aside for writing. Any fellow fritterers out there?

Keeping your writing goals on track can be as simple as plotting your course. We all have our systems. In my case, that’s an old-school calendar. One I can mark up. Every page is filled with scribbles and sticky notes, watercolor swoops and inky reminders, doodles and countdowns, public appearances and personal deadlines. But the map’s only good if I follow it.

Daily takes courage. My imagination isn’t very useful when it comes to making To Do lists, arranging due dates, and outlining my potential. Because every time I draft an ideal writing schedule, life happens instead. But I keep sketching out plans, and I keep plotting and plodding. Because every page is progress.

Even if we’re feeling a little lost, in the dark, and prone to wander, one thing remains true for every one of us. The writing only gets done if we’re writing. That’s our journey.

Don’t be discouraged if your steps meander from time to time. Because those who stay the course will have the thrill of discovering their true potential.

Christa Kinde writes studies, stories, and devotionals that bring truth into focus and give faith a practical spin. And she leads a dual existence as C.J. Milbrandt, whose Byways series puts three brothers on a journey you may find worth your while. More at CJMilbrandt.com and ChristaKinde.com.

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