One is a Lonely Number

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by Aaron McCarver

I have heard many authors refer to writing as a lonely career. Many speak of hours in chairs in front of computers plucking out scenes and characters with no others around. While this may be partially true for some of the actual work, a Christian writer should never think of writing as a career for a lonely individual.

Now some will think this is easy for me to say as I write with a wonderful co-author. But I still have times when I sit at my computer, typing out words, while alone. (Now as I type this blog post, for instance.) So why do I say this is not a lonely endeavor?

First, I have a wonderful support group of local writers in my writers’/critique group! They are true friends who cheer me on, keep me on track, and most importantly pray diligently for my needs. (As a group, we have seen God answer so many of our requests!) If you do not belong to a group such as this, find one. I am fortunate to have one in my area, but ACFW connects people through the Internet, also. And anyone and everyone can feel connected at ACFW’s conference. It is a wonderful event, filled with people who are ready to support your writing endeavors and other aspects of you lives.

Second, I have a great agent and some wonderful editors who are working diligently with me and my co-author to produce the best product possible. To me, one of the worst things a writer can do is see these people as enemies. Trust them, show them respect, and pray for them. I have seen so many people get an agent or get a contract with a publisher, declaring God brought it all about, and then complain about everything that comes after. I know the unexpected can happen and bring problems, but many times we bring them about through not appreciating the partnership God has so wonderfully provided.

Third, and most important, we should always remember that as Christian writers we are NEVER alone! Our Heavenly Father is always with us, to support us, to guide us, to comfort us, to provide anything we need. He sits right in those chairs with us, inspiring us to write stories that will glorify Him by drawing our readers to Him.

So, the next time you feel alone as a writer, seek out others through local groups or through ACFW for support. Or maybe try writing with a co-author. (You can’t have Diane Ashley, though.) But always remember that the One who made all of it possible is with you at all times. As He says at the end of the book of Matthew, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (NKJV).

P.S. I guess that could mean He is with us to the end of the (p)age, too!
Sorry, couldn’t resist.

A resident of Florence, Mississippi, Aaron McCarver loves teaching English at Belhaven University and editing for Barbour Publishing. He is the co-author of the best-selling series, “The Spirit of Appalachia” with Gilbert Morris and is currently co-authoring with Diane Ashley the “Song of the River” series for Barbour.

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  1. Great post, Aaron! I am so blessed to be part of the Bards and to know first hand how wonderful it is to know we can count on each other’s prayers.
    And you are so right about ACFW connecting us also. The ACFW prayer group if full of great prayer warriors, too.
    But the best of all is as you say, we are never alone because we have the Lord with us always–when we are thinking things through and when we are busy writing–always through everything that happens in our lives. What more can a writer ask for?
    Thanks so much for your post and your reminder to us all.

  2. Wonderful post, Aaron

    You are so right! God is always with us as we plunk out our stories.

    I am one of those writers who likes being alone when I write. I’d talk anyone else’s ear off, if I weren’t alone and would never get a word written.

    The Bards are a part of my extended family and I have you and ACFW to thank for that. I’m never alone in my writing because of you all, I can always reach out and touch any of you. I am blessed!

  3. Thanks, Aaron for the reminder. It’s so easy to forget that we have Him at our side. It’s also easy to slip into irritation when the reality of writing doesn’t match our expectations. HE always has the best plan.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Aaron. I am always amazed at how sharing with others increases our own happiness. I love being one of the Bards, as well as having the opportunity of writing with you.

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