On the Road to Publication Be Sure to Pack A Lot of Patience!

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by Pamela S. Meyers

I’ve always dreamed of writing a story set in my picturesque hometown, and God surely blessed me when I was given the opportunity to do so by Summerside Press. This past weekend I launched my novel Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the book of my heart.

My first publishing contract came seventeen years after I began my journey toward publication. Was it easy to wait that long? I wish I could say yes, but it wasn’t. I had to exercise patience in the long wait. Lots of patience!

Using the word patience, below are listed of the things that helped me to endure until the wonderful day I got THE call.

P is for persevering. From the outset, we have to determine to be in it for the long haul. If writing for publication is your calling, determine you will do what is required for however long it takes.

A is for abidingness. The Bible tells us He gives us all we need for life–the life He’s called us to live. If He’s called you to write, then He will provide all you need for the writing life in His due time.

T is for teachable. We can’t move up the scale to being a published writer if we don’t take writing courses, read craft books, listen to our critique partners and practice our writing until our fingers bleed all over the keys.

I is for insistence. Don’t settle for mediocre. Insist on doing better next time in a writing contest, or wowing an editor who rejected your idea last year at a conference, or taking a rejected manuscript making it better.

E is for endurance. A form of the word patience in the Greek translates to patient endurance. The King James calls it long suffering. Whenever I asked God if I misunderstood His intent on my life, He allowed something positive to happen, like a request for a full manuscript. So I kept on patiently enduring and pursuing.

N is for nuts and bolts. We need to learn the nuts and bolts of the publishing industry: What editors are currently looking for, or not looking for. What are the market trends? How is digital publishing affecting the industry landscape? We can never know too much about this ever-changing industry.

C is for courage. Before we publish we need to develop our platform. Where are our spheres of influence and how can we grow them? An aspiring author must become a known on the social media platforms. For an outgoing person this is easy peasy, but the shy person needs a lot of courage.

E is for energy. Hanging in there takes a lot out of us. For those with other responsibilities, there is often little time for writing until the wee hours. Learn what you personally need in the way of rest and avail yourself of those times. Pacing is important.

Although not a part of the acrostic, the most important principle of all is prayer! Begin each day with God, surrendering your work to Him and asking for the patience you need for the day. At His appointed time THE call will come!

Love Finds You Lake GenevaA native of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Pamela S. Meyers lives in suburban Chicago. She served on the ACFW Operating Board for five years, has served her local ACFW chapter in leadership roles, and is the current Genesis contest coordinator.

Her debut novel Thyme for Love released November 2011, and its sequel Love Will Find a Way is set to release in March 2013. Her historical romance that is set in her hometown, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, releases in April 2013. She has published many magazine articles and is a contributor in a non-fiction compilation book.
You can find more information on Pam at www.pamelasmeyers.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pamela.meyers.

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  1. This would make for a great poster or a reminder on my fridge.. in my binder… in the corner of my TV.. in my Bible…

    Basically, I’m saying this is a really helpful way of putting it! PATIENCE.

  2. Hey! I recognize this story. I knew you’d get it published, Pam. I’ve been at it a long while myself, with lots of interuptions (my kids insist on eating…the nerve), but it’s a journey I love. For one thing, I’ve met a lot of fascinating and wonderful people along the way!

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