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By Linda Robinson

When I retired from my accounting job outside the home, I had great plans to “write out the rest of my life.” I’d be doing what I loved most-writing fictional, family-oriented novels about characters dealing with the issues of life. Stories that showed God’s love, mercy, and provisions for each of us and would, hopefully, encourage and bless others.

A third manuscript was cooking in my head, but it was slow to get done. I soon discovered that without a schedule or reason to watch the calendar and clock, organization was no longer one of my skills. Days flew by, and I hadn’t written a word.

I had good excuses. As a hobby, my husband grew a vegetable garden for not only the two of us, but for our church family, friends, relatives, neighbors and nomads. Through no desire of my own, by mid-summer his hobby had become mine because he couldn’t harvest, bag, and deliver so many veggies by himself.
That was just one of my excuses for not writing more of the manuscript. I wrote blogs, short stories, and articles. I joined many groups and spent plenty of time on Facebook and other social media sites. Who has time to write during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s?

This past January, I realized I’d been retired a year and had eight thousand words in my manuscript to show for it. Sad! I was by nature the hyper-active sort, always busy doing something. I vowed the next something would be geared toward motivating the writer in me.

Since I was already a member of ACFW, I joined the Scribes critique group in February. Absolutely, it has been the best, most inspiring and productive thing I’ve done since I retired.

I count it a blessing to have become acquainted, via emails and critiques, with so many talented Christian writers who are kind and helpful. All have a common goal-to become better at the craft and to aid and encourage other writers in the process. Not only do I look forward to each submitted chapter of the stories I critique, but I’m eager to finish chapters of my work to submit. And I anxiously wait for comments and suggestions.

The “critters” group keeps me motivated, and now I find my priorities have flipped. First, I write. Housework, Facebook, and Twitter take a backseat. If my hubby grows an entire produce market again this year, he’ll have to find farmhands to help him harvest. This southern gal’s committed to create and critique.

So what-if dust bunnies and dirt mites play ring around the toilet bowl. I’ll clean house more often…after I pen The End.

Who or what has inspired you to keep writing?

Linda RobinsonLinda Robinson resides in south Alabama with her husband, Bruce, and their Maltese dog, Joy. She enjoys reading, writing, and flower gardening and is currently working on her third manuscript. Find out more about Linda’s books and blogs on Facebook, Twitter, and her website.

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  1. What usually motivates me is using NovelTrack on the ACFW site to track my word count for the month. Staring at low numbers helps me push to improve my score. I also have critique partners who ask me when I’m going to bring some chapters.

  2. Thanks, Bonnie. I haven’t used NovelTrack. Maybe I should do that. My critique partners are good motivators, too. Sometimes daily activities just get in the way and slow me down. Not staying slow is the important thing, though. 🙂

  3. Great post, Linda! I keep writing because I can’t do anything else but write. Ever since I got the writing bug when I was young, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. First and foremost, my greatest motivator is God. That may sound cliche, but it’s the truth. I write for him, with him and because of him.

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