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Here are Allison Wilson, our wonderful conference assistant, and Sydney Zech, the conference coordinator. Without Allison and Sydney, there wouldn’t be a conference.
Here’s a bag from last year, being used at the hotel. And a group of volunteers helping set up the bookstore. Cara Putman, Camy Tang, Stuart Stockton and Tiff Stockton.
The wonderful advisory board: Brandilyn Collins, Rachel Hauck, Gail Martin, Randy Ingermanson, Deb Raney, and Colleen Coble. And then Deb Raney, Tamera Alexander, and Brandilyn Collins.
James Scott Bell, Robin, Cara, and Margie Lawson Friday in the presidential suite. Mama Ruth and Brandilyn.

Last photos… for now 🙂

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  1. Wonderful, do keep those photos coming! So lovely to be able to put faces to names. Keep having a wonderful time and I’m praying for you all.
    Mary Hawkins from Downunder

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