2024 Masterclass Registration

2024 Masterclass Registration

A series of workshops geared specifically toward the multi-published author.

About Masterclass

This series of virtual and in-person classes will kick off with a workshop held during the virtual conference, February 23rd & 24th, 2024. Masterclass series registrants who register for the entire virtual conference will receive a $25 discount off their virtual conference registration.

There will be 2-3 other virtual workshops during 2024, and a final, in-person session at the 2024 Conference in New Orleans in which Masterclass series registrants will be invited to attend private sessions led by the likes of Donald Maass, Lisa Rector Maass, or James Scott Bell, etc.

Masterclass attendees who complete the course and attend the in-person conference will receive a Masterclass certificate as well as a $50.00 discount off their registration for the 2024 National Conference.

A minimum of 5 published novels is required to register for the Masterclass series of workshops.

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