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by Bruce Hennigan

My good friend Marilyn once asked me how I found the time to write. I simply replied, “you don’t find time to write, you make time to write.” How do you do this?

1 — Make Writing a PRIORITY not only for yourself, but your family unit.

When I received a five book contract with Realms in 2010, I realized in order to finish my manuscripts on time, I would have to set aside specific times to write. I sat down with my wife, Sherry, and my kids and told them about the opportunity to be published. I said: “I will need very specific times during the week when I can write uninterrupted unless there is a life and death situation. Do I have your permission, and most importantly, your support in writing this book?”

The answer was ‘yes’ and we I worked out a schedule. During the week I would have several hours of uninterrupted time to write. It was tough at first. I felt like I was neglecting my family. But, once I got into the groove of writing regularly and once they understood, the routine became imbedded in our schedule. I found by being a better organizer of my time, I became a better steward of my time. When I spent time with my children and/or my wife, it was more meaningful.

2 — Design a CREATIVE COCOON in which to write.

In the mid 1990’s the Disney animation department built a dedicated animation building in Orlando at Walt Disney World. From a viewing gallery, one could look out over a huge room filled with animator stations filled with toys, posters, statues, memorabilia clustered around each animator’s desk.

I came home and took that design to heart. I surrounded my writing area with creative cues. Toys from my childhood. Memorabilia I collected over the years. Posters. Signs. Awards for my writing. When I would sit down to write, I could glance around me to find a tiny spark of imagination.

3 — When you sit down to write, WRITE!

Now that you have set aside a time and place for writing, don’t squander the opportunity. God has given us only a certain amount of time. If you have successfully worked out that precious hour to write and that special place, be a good steward of that time. Don’t spend it surfing the Internet, checking email, updating Facebook or Twitter. Spend it WRITING! Even if you don’t feel like writing that day, write SOMETHING! Once you begin, the creativity will flow! And, set specific deadlines for your writing. Set a goal of writing a certain number of words or chapters a day. Put a deadline on when you will finish the rough draft.


You don’t FIND time to write, you MAKE time to write by:

– Make your writing a PRIORITY for you and your family unit.
– Design your CREATIVE COCOON.
– Sit down and WRITE!

Bruce Hennigan JuneBruce Hennigan is a radiologist, a church dramatist, and a certified apologist. He co-authored the upcoming release, “Hope Again” with B & H Publishing and is the author of three novels, “The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye“, “The 12th Demon: Mark of the Wolf Dragon” published by Realms Books. Check out his latest book in the Chronicles of Jonathan Steel, “The 11th Demon: The Ark of Chaos” on his website, or and join in the battle against evil!

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