How the Power of My Mom’s Walk with God Paved My Writing in Favor

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by Lauren Gail

Today, November 24, is no coincidence for this blog post as it is my mom’s birthday and

My mom and I after a makeover one day.

this post is in her honor. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Ever since my brother, David, and I were very young my mom has been a woman of faith and an example of God’s love. We’d climb on her and cuddle as she read her Bible. She’d sing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” to us and taught us how to put on the full armor of God. She taught us it was important to pray not only for the current day but also for the future.

Mom and I began praying for the right husband for me many years before I met him. She would pray the favor of God over me and still does to this day. And, I’m sure there are hundreds of prayers I’m not aware of. She discipled me when I was saved and taught me how to lead a life close to God.

My mom and I acting silly at a wedding one year.

I’m thankful to her because I know her spiritual legacy and the spiritual legacies of other Godly family members, like my Great Grandma Gail for whom I’m named, have greatly impacted my life for the better. All their prayers for me have gone directly to heaven and rained blessings upon me.

Like many writers, I’ve always loved stories. David and I would make up stories all the time and write them down. Sometimes we’d read them out loud to mom and dad, while I kept others in a notebook. Our parents always encouraged our creative sides and our interests.

When I began writing again in adulthood, my parents and my husband, became my biggest fans – listening to story ideas, brainstorming, solving problems and reading. Mom prayed that the work of my hands be blessed, and that grace and favor chase me down. When a publisher of a small-town newspaper took a chance on hiring me, sight unseen, as a reporter even though I had no newspaper experience, that was God’s favor. When I was promoted to Assistant Editor after only nine months on the job, that was God’s favor. At the recent ACFW conference, when two agents requested to see two of my stories even though I hadn’t finished them, that was God’s favor. These are just three examples of how those who have a personal relationship to Jesus Christ, can affect the lives of others.

I’m humbled and honored and grateful for these blessings as I know I couldn’t accomplish any of it on my own. I pray the gift of writing bestowed on me by the Almighty will touch who it needs to touch and bring Him glory. Thank you, mom, for your Godly example and wisdom. Thank you to my Great Grandma Gail in heaven, too.

Have family members prayed for you and your writing? If so, perhaps take a moment to thank them for their blessings. We can all be living legacies to our families.

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Lauren Gail has written numerous magazine articles, won the Writer’s Digest 9th Annual Popular Fiction awards in the Thriller category for her short story The Tale of Twisted Creek, and is working on romantic suspense and women’s fiction. Share your writing journey with her @LaurenGail11 on Twitter, lauren_gail11 on Instagram.



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  1. Nothing can replace the effect of a Godly mother in our lives. Though my mother has been gone many years, I believe the thousands of prayers she prayed still follow me. We are blessed to have wonderful mothers in our lives!

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