How do you join the ACFW critique groups?

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The Scribes’ Critique Group is another excellent benefit you receive as a member of ACFW. For published and unpublished writers, being a part of the large critique group offers you the chance to interact and to meet other individuals who are at different levels in their writing careers. Whatever your level, both offering and receiving critiques can enhance your skills as a writer.
The unique opportunity provided through the large group, is the chance to meet individuals who write in your genre, or offer the type of critique you’re looking to receive. Small groups form out of our large group, and you are welcome to stay in both. Whatever fits your needs.
To become a member of Scribes, you must sign up for the monthly two-day orientation class by going to:

The next orientation is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 1. Once you have completed the course, you will receive the information you need to subscribe.

Fay Lamb
ACFW Scribes Co-Moderator
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  1. As a retired scince teacher, my next 30 years are being spent developing my abilities as an author outside academia–husband of 63 years (same delightful man!), three wonderful children 8 grandchildren and two great grands. For myself, thank heavens that one doesn’t have to change paper when the bottom of the page is reached!!! My genres are narrative nonfiction (I enjoy researching history) and romantic suspense (with a touch of paranormal).

    A member of SouthWest Writers, I’ve won a place in the ’09 annual contest with my historical work about a Buffalo Soldier-still unpublished.

    I’m searching for writers with which to bond who don’t meet at night.

  2. I need critiques from people who do not know me and aren’t afraid they’ll hurt my feelings if they tell the truth! I don’t enjoy getting my feelings hurt, but I also don’t mind when someone disgrees with me in a reasonable manner. If I’m not critiqued, it would be very hard for my writing to get any better.

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