Homophones (And yes, I see my errors)

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by Donna L. Rich

Everyone has his or her pet peeves. Won of mine is finding incorrect spelling of a commonly used word. Nevertheless, on page too on my last submission to an editor, I misused the word it’s (instead of its). Horrors! I couldn’t believe that after combing threw the manuscript a thousand times I didn’t sea the error until after I submitted it.

Web sights and newspapers are notorious four using the incorrect spelling. When in doubt, take the time to look your word up in one of the online dictionaries or that tried and true hard copy on your desk. Here are sum misused/misspelled words I’ve recently found along with meanings:

Their: relating to them or themselves
There: in or at that place
They’re: they are

Ore: a mineral
Oar: a long pole used for steering a boat
Or: indicates an alternative

Scents: particular odors
Cents: pennies
Sense: conscious awareness

Rain: water falling in drops
Rein: a strap fastened to a bit
Reign: dominion of a monarch

And take a look at these quadruples: meddle, metal, mettle, metal; write, wright, rite, right; seize, cees, seas, sees; and on it goes.

Be on the lookout in the coming week, and you’ll be surprised how many incorrect usages you’ll find, hopefully not in your own work – or mine!

Be blessed!
Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for men.

Donna Rich
Donna L. Rich is a member of ACFW and writes contemporary and historical romance. She and her husband live in Huntington, Indiana, and adore their beautiful blended family of six married children, seventeen grandchildren, and soon to be four great-grandchildren. Her third book, Love for the Right Reasons released in March from Heartsong.

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