God is in Control

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by Sandra Bishop
MacGregor Literary

During a recent conference call with my fellow MacGregor Literary agents, I allowed myself to mutter that my to-do list is half a steno pad long. We all lamented together about the reality that our work seems to come at us in waves that can sometimes confuse our priorities and drown out any semblance of order.

At these times, we reckoned, the best thing to do is just… whatever is next. Keep paddling and moving forward and trusting that God really is in control.

The big picture stuff I am best at and love the most – cultivating and encouraging and championing the authors I represent – so often gets swallowed up by the unending barrage of important questions, requests for information, ideas to ponder, problems that need to be solved right now, and overtaken by relentless waves… like the set of three twelve-footers that came out of nowhere while I body surfed Magic Sands beach in Hawaii a couple months ago.

Sometimes the best I can do is remember that I am a willing participant in God’s order of things, hold my breath, and have faith that I’ll once again get my head above water and my feet back on solid ground.

Don’t mistake me. This is work I love which fills my craving for risk and variety and possibility and surprise and partnership with the Creator.

My hope is that every author, not just those I represent, also knows without a doubt, that writing is what they are meant to do – no matter the waves of doubt or distraction or daily life they may face. And that they must keep after it – even if it seems unending or too difficult. Or downright scary.

For when they do, they open themselves to moments of joy – like the one that occurred as I was writing this when ARC’s of a very long awaited book arrived on my doorstep and it felt like Christmas. Literally. Like a reminder from God Himself that I am part of the process of delivering something new, a piece of creation (perhaps not with a capital “C”, but still…) into the world. And I felt renewed and invigorated and grateful for the unanswered emails, the patient authors waiting for my attention, the decisions not yet made by publishers, the financial documents needing reviewed… the next waves coming.

How do you reckon the demands of writing when other equally important tasks come crashing in?

Sandra Bishop is a literary agent with MacGregor Literary . Keep up with her on and her fellow agents on Twitter https://twitter.com/bishopspdx and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/MacGregor-Literary/218999948184052 .

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  1. You have it exactly right. He is in control and when we put it at His feet, we are starting out on the correct path that day. There is a danger of getting so wound up in the writing process that what He has called us to do that day, that moment, gets ignored. That is dangerous.

    Thanks for the post! A great reminder!

  2. When the waves come crashing in–and my computer starts to feel like an instrument of torture–I take a long walk in the woods behind our house. Funny how being out in God’s creation (instead of my own) clears my mind and heart.

  3. Thank you, Sandra. My waves feel like a tsunami today with a deadline looming and the undertow of “stuff” pulling at me. Focus and rest. And let God be in control.

    You are so wise.

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