Friday Five: Erica Vetsch

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In just over three months, the annual ACFW Conference will be in full-swing in Indianapolis. With great speakers like Tim Downs and James Scott Bell, Camy Tang and Margaret Daley, Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck, and so many others, the ACFW Conference is THE premier Christian Fiction Conference in the world.

Because this is Friday, I thought it might be fun to do an ACFW Conference Friday Five for you.

Here are Five Reasons I Love the ACFW Conference.

1. A chance to see friends I only see once a year. I love putting faces with names of people I’ve met through blogging, and I love catching up with folks I’ve met at previous conferences. Writing can be a lonely pursuit, and having friends along on the journey with you makes it easier.
2. Networking. (Author note: this is not self-serving schmoozing, which I loathe.) Networking involves being polite, expressing genuine interest in another person, and being available to help. Networking involves paying attention to other people, learning names, connecting with people who like the same things you do.

3. The classes. Some of the best teachers in the country. I’ve been blown away from the very first class every time.

4. The feeling of community, identity, and knowing there are other people who ‘get it’ when I talk about writing. Don’t get me wrong, my family is great, but nobody gets novelists like other novelists.

5. The rejuvenation and encouragement to press on even when things are hard. Having great conference memories and the next conference to look forward to energizes me.

You can learn more about this year’s ACFW Conference at

And you can learn more about author Erica Vetsch  and her Stories that Testify to Love at her website.

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