Forty Days of Prayer – Day 5

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The Operating Board and Advisory Board, along with other volunteers and some attendees, will be traveling to Dallas prior to Wednesday and Thursday when the majority of attendees will be in route. Please hold this prayer for traveling mercies up to our Gracious Father throughout this coming week.
Day 5–Travel safety

Psa. 121:3b-4–He who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

We thank you and praise you that you are an always-present God. That you are always aware of your children and that you continuously watch over and keep us. As people begin to travel to the ACFW Conference, we lift them up to you and solicit your travel mercies for them. Watch over each one, their belongings, their health, their schedules, and keep every detail in your more-than-capable hands. Bring each person in a safe journey to Dallas, and return them home safely as well.

We trust you to do this — asking in agreement — believing your promise that when we ask so, you will do it — and we thank you for the grace you will extend to each traveler.
We pray in Jesus’ precious and holy name,

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