Forty Days of Prayer: Day 35

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Please join us in today’s prayer, written by a member of ACFW’s Forty Days of Prayer team.

The praise band as they practice and lead worship

Psalm 150:6–Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!

Father God, we thank You for the gift of music that opens up our hearts and minds, souls and spirits to Your presence. We thank You that there are those willing to play and sing praises to You at the conference. We ask that You bless them in a mighty way as they practice and prepare.

Father, we thank You for the gifts that You have given them as musicians and vocalists. We thank You that these men and women desire to use the gifts You have given them as an offering of worship.

Lord, we would pray for a unity of spirit and heart as they gather together in Indianapolis. Lord, we pray that they would hear Your voice and set aside any worries of the day to just bless You with praises. We ask that You take their different voices, instruments, and skillfulness and blend them into one chorus of praise.

As they come, Lord, we ask that they desire to come with clean hands and pure hearts to lead us closer to You. Lord, let them worship You in Spirit and in Truth and lead us to do the same.  Lord, inhabit the Praises of Your people at the conference  that we may praise You with every breath.

In Jesus’ Name,  Amen

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