Forty Days of Prayer – Day 3: Early Bird Sessions

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Robin feeding her youngProverbs 2:2–Make your ear attentive to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding.

Father, we lift up the Early Bird sessions and pray You would grace those attending to glean elements new to them and strengthen concepts already familiar. Lord, we humbly acknowledge we have room for growth where craft is concerned, whether multipublished or yet-to-be in print. So, grace us with Your presence, Your wisdom, Your strategies for learning what we need to learn. Cause the investment of time and money spent to attend the Early Bird sessions to be repaid in multiple ways–through fellowship, in knowledge of new concepts, through the outcome of using these lessons in future writing, etc. Thank You for the opportunity to learn and grow. Position us to receive. Assure anyone who may begin to feel overwhelmed with all the useful materials.

And Father, for those who have signed up, we pray Your protection of health and family so they are free to focus on the information without distraction or missing the class altogether. That nothing would keep them from attending and being able to fully focus and learn.

Father, for the teachers of these sessions, we pray strength, good health, wisdom and peace. These teachers are, in a sense, offering to serve the students, and we ask for Your blessings in their lives, in their own aspirations. We ask, also, that all the logistics of pulling off the longer Early Bird workshops would come together– from the computers and printers involved, to microphones, meeting space elements and even room temperature. We pray nothing would be lost or misplaced. Grace the teachers with everything necessary for a meaningful session that at the end of the day each teacher would feel satisfied with how things flowed and how much was covered.

Thank You, Father, for those willing to come alongside the students to give them fresh strategies and teach new skills. Bless them, Lord.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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