Forty Days of Prayer – Day 2

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Day 2–Weather during travel

Luke 8:24b–And He got up and rebuked the wind and the surging waves, and they stopped, and it became calm.

Dear Lord,
Thank you and praise your holy name for the beauty and elegance of
the weather patterns from your hand. They are so intricate and
connected to the health and well-being of our planet.

Today, we would not ask to place ourselves above your plan, but to appreciate what you
have given us. If there is rain, let us thank you for the drink you grant. If there is wind, let us thank you for the cool or the clearing of smog and smoke. If there is storm, let us thank you for the stirring up of the nutrients in the earth and under the sea. You are in control of all the weather in our lives.
Please grant us safe travel through any weather you have planned for this time that we may
live out the plan and work you have set before us. We pray that we will see and feel your calm in this time as you draw us together in Dallas.
Jesus when all the weather on the outside feels like it’s on the inside, please grant us peace and self-control. Place your graciousness in our hearts and in our words. Protect us from being the
hail that dents the hearts of those we encounter. Help us to be the gentle breeze that blows the fragrance of your compassion to others as we head to conference, while we are there, and as we return home. Help us to reach out with your love to calm the tornado of emotion rather
than be the destructive whirlwind. Grant that the waves of frustration or fear will not topple your people. Help us to remember to place others needs above our own desires. You will take care of us. Thank you for that assurance.
Thank you for being the God who is found in a still, small voice. Thank you for being the all powerful and amazing God who controls the elements. Praise to the God of the heavens!
All this we bring before you in Jesus name,

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