Forty Days of Prayer — Day 18

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Day 18–For conferees to grasp what is taught and to grow from it

Prov. 1:5–A wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of
understanding will acquire wise counsel.

Lord, we approach an opportunity you’ve placed in our lives, this year’s
ACFW conference. We are awed at the work you choose to do through us, while
we attempt to imitate you by creating characters and worlds with words.
Through the years you have allowed us to see the results of that work,
yours, and ours.

This year, you’ve prompted many of our number to offer to teach. They have
prayed and organized and prepared to be ready for us. We come, certain of
your promise that every promise you make us in Christ is “Yes”, even when we
ask for wisdom and learning, discernment and guidance.

We want our words to be like yours, to leave our minds and keyboards in
power and fulfillment, producing good fruit for your kingdom, so keep our
hearts open, to recognize the answers these teachers provide for the
weaknesses in our fiction craft, or marketing, or publicity.

Block our every tendency for envy, or denial. When what we hear reveals
flaws in our work that we had not recognized, give us grace and strength to
edit and rewrite and resubmit.

Lord, by your providence we will not all be able to attend this conference.
Those of us who stay home ask that our mentors and critique group members
who do attend be gifted with alertness and accuracy, so they can pass on
what they’ve learned.

In the name of your Son, Jesus, who is the Word, the Way, the Truth, and our
Life, Amen.

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