Forty Days of Prayer: Day 18

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Please join us in today’s prayer, written by a member of ACFW’s Forty Days of Prayer team.

For conferees to grasp what is taught and grow from it

Proverbs 1:5a–A wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.

Lord, we pray for all our conferees, for everyone to gain a piece of special wisdom from the classes and workshops that will make a difference in their writing when they return home. You know what each individual needs. Please help everyone focus and not be overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge and experience so they can learn what You need for them during that time. Because there is more to being at a conference than the classes, also show us how we can also learn by being with those who are more experienced who are in attendance. We pray that everyone can seek out that individual help or encouragement they need in this time, that everyone goes home just a little wiser than when they arrived. In the name of our mighty Savior, Jesus Christ, we pray, amen.

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