Finding My Purpose in Writing

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By KD Holmberg

Over a decade ago, my five children slowly began to drift into their own lives. I knew my time as a full-time mom was coming to an end, but the days passed quicker than expected. Before I knew it, I was helping my baby move into a college dorm. Honestly, I left her school feeling a bit of freedom.

Washing dishes one morning, I saw the school bus driving down the street toward the spot in front of our house where my children once climbed on board. I looked around for lunches and backpacks, reflexively ready to shout, “The bus is here!” But the quiet in the house screamed loud as I remembered there was no one home but me.

I stepped out on my porch, watched the yellow bus drive away, sat down, and cried deep, moaning sobs. The grief had come home to rest in my heart, and I understood the permanence of my loss. It happened so fast, the end of the sweetest season of my life.

But we serve a God who sees us and knows our needs before we even realize them. I wasn’t sure what I would do next but knew I couldn’t relax into a life of tennis and golf every day. I needed purpose. Kingdom purpose.

I had only dabbled a little with writing when I heard the name Hagar during a Bible study. For some reason, I could not get her out of my mind and began to research her in earnest. That’s when I uncovered the Hebrew and Arab tradition of her being a princess of Egypt before becoming a maidservant to Sarah.

Hagar lived over four-thousand-years ago, yet God saw her when she was in great distress and gave her a purpose. She became the first person to name Him and called Him El Roi, the God who sees. My fascination with her led me to study the craft of writing. I became determined to reclaim her story, which historically has been overshadowed by her infamous marriage to Abraham, patriarch of the first Hebrew tribe.

On March 15, 2021, there was a fulfillment of the Kingdom purpose given to me by the Lord. The first book of Hagar’s story, “The Egyptian Princess: A Story of Hagar” (Book One of The Women of Valor Series), was released by Mountain Brook Ink.

Do you lack purpose?

Are you moving into a different stage of life and wondering, “What’s next?”

God sees you, just as He saw Hagar. Just as He saw me. Press in, let Him lead you to your purpose. He is always faithful.


KD Holmberg

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KD Holmberg is a retired flight attendant who turned an empty nest into a workshop for creating stories around remarkable women. She and her husband, Keith, live in South Carolina and love to travel and golf. They have five children and eight extraordinary grandchildren. She welcomes new friends at


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