Don’t Carry the Burden Alone

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By Tamara D. Fickas

Writing a book has been my dream for years. I’ve prayed for opportunities and submitted my work to the Lord. When an opportunity finally happened, I managed to forget one of the most important aspects of writing.

After years of taking writing classes and plugging away, I am participating in my first book project. The book is an anthology; my portion is only 2,000 words. I submitted my article and then was asked to make revisions. Though that one request is completely normal in the writing process, it overwhelmed me. Years of work brought me to this experience, and yet I felt weary. I wondered if I had anything of worth to write and in that wondering, I did actually learn something.

If you’re a pre-published author, I want to share some words of wisdom with you. I’m by no means a veteran, but this first publishing experience taught me how quickly I can get caught up in my own talent and the glamour of being an author. The road is hard, and if you’re not careful, you can be overcome by the hard, the ugly, the discouraging. It’s easy to forget the source of the talent.

As I wrote drafts, I forgot the real author of my work. The anthology is a non-fiction work, and my contribution is based on a real life experience. My story, my words, my downfall. During the revision process, I became so discouraged with the process and getting the message right that I vowed to never write again. It was too hard. The burden was too great.

In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (NIV) It wasn’t until I stopped striving and put my work aside for time with the Lord that things began to work again. It was only a couple of hours, but it made all the difference. I’d prayed about the whole project before joining and before writing. Then I made my own plans and walked my own path. Surrendering my burden to God brought his message to my work.

Connecting with the Lord allowed me to tell the story he wanted me to tell. It allowed me to see the draft with new eyes. Taking time to spend with the Lord and let him carry the burden of this story helped immensely. So, wherever you are in the writing process, don’t forget to let the Lord carry your burden. He is inviting you to rest, even if for a few minutes or hours. It will make all the difference in your work.

Tamara D. Fickas works at a local hospital by day and pursues writing novels by night. She is Vice President of the Colorado Springs Chapter of ACFW Colorado. Tamara’s a contributing author to God’s Provision in Tough Times, by Cynthia Howerter and La-Tan Murphy. Visit her blog at

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  1. Your message is a profound but simple one that I need to remember time and again. Writing, especially as a pre-published author, is in every aspect a daunting venture. I can attest to those moments of wanting to give up and being, as you put it so appropriately, weary. Looking to the Lord in those times is both restoring and refreshing; and reading your post tonight before attacking the page was an encouragement to me. Many blessings Tamara, and congratulations on your anthology contribution!

  2. This is right where I am today, Tamara. As I’ve been prepping to go to a conference in a couple of weeks, I got swept up into the minutiae of the work and the vortex of conference prep. Even that, before actually getting to the goal, took my eyes off Jesus and put them right on myself. Yuck! God used you to confirm what he was already showing me! Christ alone! Holding on tight to HIM!

  3. I think this might be more common than you think. We get so excited that God may have given us a talent, that it actually damages the output. Then, correction hurts and we feel defeated. I believe God wants to give us some time to sort it out, that is probably why some have to wait so long to be published. But He will use whatever it takes to refine us, and so we should be thankful.

  4. Telena, Thanks for your kind words. Keep writing and allowing the Lord to lead. Your time will come.

    Melinda, I am so glad this post spoke to you right when you needed it.

    Mary Ann, i think you’re right, but the wait is worth it when God works through your writing.

    Sarah, Thanks!

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