Curious about the Shroud of Turin?

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Pamela Ewen is sharing a guest post series on the Shroud of Turin with us here. Please welcome Pamela!

Hello ACFW friends! My husband and I are on our way to Turin, Italy for a rare public view of the Shroud, believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus. The image on the long linen cloth of a crucified man is miraculous—science has no explanation today for how it was created. The blood—human blood—and the wound marks match the description in the four Gospels of the wounds of Christ. The image isn’t painted, nor was it created by any contact process or other known process. It’s a negative image, as in a photograph, but was created eighteen centuries before photography was invented.

Jimmy and I will be in Turin with one of the world’s greatest experts on the Shroud, Barry Schwortz. Barry was a member of an exclusive scientific team permitted by the Vatican to examine and photograph the Shroud in 1977. So my plan is to pass this experience along to any of you that might be interested in a short series of blogs next week and the week after. I’ve been fascinated by the Shroud since researching my first book Faith On Trial. That book was a journey that took me from the state of wanting desperately to believe, to a deep faith and Jesus Christ. I believe that the Shroud is a gift preserved for us through the centuries for a reason—and perhaps it is an image of the moment of the resurrection.

After Turin and a short stop in-between, we’re traveling on to Rome to take the SCAVI tour to see the crypt and bones of the first apostle, Peter. The crypt was found not long ago during archeological digs underneath St. Peter’s Basilica. Although this grave was discovered somewhat recently, if you dropped a plumb line from the top of the dome of the Basilica it falls directly above the Apostle’s grave! In Rome, we’ll also visit the Mammertine, the cave-like prison which is believed to be where both Paul and Peter spent their last days before death. I’ll try to post pictures of these events and places on my web-site, in addition to this post.

Talk to you soon! Pamela

Pamela Binnings Ewen practiced law for twenty-five years with the international law firm of BakerBotts L.L.P. before exchanging her legal career in corporate finance for writing full time. She is the author of the novels The Moon in the Mango Tree, a Christy Award Finalist, and Walk Back The Cat, as well as a non-fiction book, Faith On Trial, all published by B&H Publishing Group. Secret of the Shroud (a reissuance of Walk Back The Cat with new content) will be released September 1, 2010. Her novel Dancing On Glass, a finalist for the William Faulkner-Judge Minor Wisdom Award, will be released by B&H in July, 2011. Pamela is also featured in the film Jesus: Fact or Fiction, produced by Campus Crusade for Christ.

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