Christmas is Coming!

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By DiAnn Mills

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.

Please put something in the reader’s lap.

I admit my rhyming skills aren’t the most inspiring, but Christmas is knocking on our doors. Writer, what can we do this year for our readers?

I don’t want to raise your stress level and push you to re-examine your gift-giving budget but bring to mind a few reasons why readers deserve to know how much we value them.

  1. Without readers, we have no book sales.
  1. Without readers, we have no one to share our stories.
  1. Without readers, we have no one to entertain with our passion for writing.
  1. Without readers, we have no choice but find another way to express our gifts and talents. (If we have any left.)
  1. Without readers, we have no reason to spend hours creating social media posts, blogging material, and writing books.
  1. Without readers, we have no feedback from our target audience and how we can help them within our area of expertise.
  1. Without readers, we have no one to encourage, inspire or minister.

I’m sure we agree on the reasons why we love our readers, but how can writers offer their heartfelt thanks in a way that’s special and meaningful?

I have a few ideas that only cost time and a little effort. They can all be shared online: via social media.

  1. For those of you who blog, you can create a letter of appreciation. Use free blog images through creative sites such as: Pixabay, Adobe Spark , or BookBrush. If you have a holiday photo that you don’t mind sharing, create a masterpiece with a personal touch. Your holiday greeting can be shared in an email, newsletter, or through one of the various social media platforms.
  1. Do you have a collection of holiday recipes? Add a picture, photo, or a note as to why this is special, then point the reader to a website page for a free download. You can share this through an email, newsletter, or through one of the various social media platforms.
  1. What is your favorite Christmas story? How did this story become close to your heart? Share it through the ways mentioned above.
  1. A short story about Christmas or one the writer has personally experienced will stir our readers’ hearts.
  1. If you have a budget, you can splurge by purchasing a cover for your recipes,

personal story, or short story. This will give your gift a professional touch.

  1. Create a list of practical tips that make this time of year less stressful. Celebrating

Christ’s birth is a season of joy spent with family and friends.

  1. Create a Pinterest board of what makes your Christmas memorable. Encourage them to pin something they consider special.
  1. Select one of the beautiful online Christmas cards to express sincere

appreciation with an original message.

  1. Share your Christmas wishes via YouTube. Make it fun and personal.

10.Record an audio message and make it available on your website.

Our readers are our friends. Embrace these special people as part of an extended family. Show them you care not only during this holiday season of hope but throughout the coming year.

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DiAnn Mills is a bestselling author who believes her readers should expect an adventure. Her titles have appeared on the CBA and ECPA bestseller lists; won two Christy Awards; the Inspirational Readers’ Choice, Golden Scroll, and Carol award contests. DiAnn speaks and teaches writing all over the country. Connect with DiAnn here:


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  1. An extra quatrain found its way into this sonnet, AND IT WON’T LEAVE.

    Christmas is coming,
    oh dear, dearie me!
    The clock, it is running,
    and we haven’t a tree.
    Should post recipes,
    but I’m really beat,
    so this writeup might please:
    “Meals, Ready to Eat.”
    Chili and macaroni,
    that’s really my fave,
    but beef ravioli’s
    a good one to save
    for when folks are arriving,
    and cooking’s a drag,
    cease holiday striving;
    give meals in a bag,
    and this cheery thought’s best;
    you’ll have no repeat guests!

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