Championing the Next (Current?) Great Awakening

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by M.D. House @Real_HouseMD

I’m no expert on the periods of Christian revival in North America (often spreading farther than that), but there have been at least three:

  • In the 1730’s, in the American colonies
  • In the early 19th century, centered in Western New York State
  • During the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Post WWII (this one is disputed, but some call it the Billy Graham era)

Each of these awakenings, amid God’s ever-constant calls to faith and repentance, has served specific purposes, such as building energy behind the abolition movement, for example, in addition to increasing missionary zeal and obedience to God’s commandments.

Many of us hope that the next Great Awakening is upon us, that a critical mass of people are recoiling from the perversions of modern “science” and totalitarian fear-mongering and turning again to the eternal, unwavering source of truth and light (which includes honest scientific progress): Jesus Christ and his gospel.

As creators of Christian fiction, we have a serious responsibility to encourage and enhance this awakening. In accordance with the parable, the fig tree has put forth leaves, and we know that summer is nigh; Christ’s return “is near, even at the doors.” (see Matt. 24:32-33) So, whether we’re addressing contemporary situations, exploring history, or creating fantastic new worlds, we are messengers of Christ. And while we make everything we do as entertaining as possible, it must also serve the higher purpose of turning people toward Christ.

The next Great Awakening is either near or already upon us. God’s call to participate in the challenge and share the joy extends to all … including Christian fiction writers. @Real_HouseMD Click To Tweet

J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are viewed as quintessential examples of Christian fiction authors influencing millions of people for good through their craft. But there are so many others. Unfortunately, Satan is accelerating his efforts to not just drown out strong Christian themes and voices, but to utterly banish them from both the public square and personal libraries.

What can we do in the face of such a determined challenge? Increase our faith, lift our prayers to heaven with greater frequency, and work with all our might to influence everyone within our orbits, big or small. The Lord and his angels labor beside us, and together we can help millions of our brothers and sisters see the truth of their identity, their purpose, and their eternal potential.

We can have no greater calling than this.


M.D. House is a recovering corporate cog. As an author, he started out writing science fiction, but became fascinated with the stories of Barabbas, Cornelius, and the Apostle Paul, among others, which has led him on an amazing and faith-affirming Christian fiction writing journey. He still writes clean, faith-based science fiction, with some fantasy coming soon as well. You can learn more about him at or find him on Facebook and Fiction Finder.

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