Book Review: Warring Spirits

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Title: Warring Spirits Creek Country Saga
Author: April Gardner
Publisher: VinSpire Publishing
Date: November 2011
ISBN: 978-0983419853
Genre: Historical
Reviewed by: Lisa J. Lickel

Readers of historic, issue-laden fiction, especially of early 19th-century southeastern Americana, won’t be disappointed.

Major Philip Bailey has nightmares, and no wonder, as a survivor of the horrific massacre at Fort Mims between the settlers and Creeks, Red Sticks, to be more specific. Wounded, scarred, and betrayed by the love of his life-to one of the enemy, no less-Philip is entitled to his rage and fear. But his deep-seated beliefs are upended after a disturbing encounter in the forest.

Milly is running away. Accompanied by her faithful friend, Isum, she hopes against hope to make it to freedom and the Negro Fort beyond the U.S. border in Las Floridas. Passing for white but for one giveaway, she almost conquers the first test on the road, until the white man gets suspicious and sends her owner after her. Isum, dear Isum, would give his life. Dear God, she hopes it doesn’t come to that as they run.

Philip sees a woman in the woods. Not just any woman, but a beautiful young woman being carried away by a huge black man. Is he nuts?

Milly wants her freedom at any cost. Philip wants to be free of the demons that have taken his spirit. Milly loves the depth of Philip’s devotion both to his duty and new country, and to his fellow man. She challenges him to live up to his kindness and faith by freeing his young slave. He challenges her to be true to herself. But he doesn’t know the devastation that will happen if she reveals her true self.

The secondary storylines, which give the reader a glimpse of surprisingly realistic life in the Negro Fort and the Creek family searching for their roots, are pages taken from modern news.

A wonderfully told sequel to Wounded Spirits, which will leave you waiting for the next adventure.

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