Book Review: Trauma Plan

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Title: Trauma Plan
Author: Candace Calvert
Publisher: Tyndale House
Date: April 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4143-6111-6
Genre: Suspense
Reviewed by: Holly Wolfe

Killer opening. Maybe because I read this after focusing on contest entries and those first pages, but I was wowed by Candace Calvert’s opening scene. If you want to know how to hook ’em, study this one. Each word is purposeful, adding texture and depth to the story. Calvert evokes a whirlwind of emotion from the start and the connection to the characters is quick and strong. She doesn’t just follow the rules of good fiction writing, she uses them to catapult her passion onto every page.

Trauma Plan is written in multiple POV with seamless transitions from one character to the next. This use of POV enhances the tension and ups the stakes to make this medical drama intense and emotional. The heroine, Riley Hale, is real. Flawed, charming, believable. She’s a temporary hospital chaplain who lives her faith when encouraging others but doesn’t quite trust God to put her own life on the right path. A brutal assault leaves her disabled and she wants nothing more than to return to work as an ER nurse, but first must prove she can still do the job.

Jack Travis is a doctor hero who’s equally authentic. A little rough around the edges, a hint of danger, and a heart of compassion. You want to root for him from the word go. He needs Riley for his clinic, and she needs his clinic in order to improve her nursing skills-a perfect match, except they don’t trust each other.

Calvert puts another in the win column with Trauma Plan-a well-executed plot, intriguing secondary characters to highlight Jack and Riley, lots of action, and an emotional and spiritual journey that leaves you both satisfied and hungering for more. I can only hope that this is the start of a series!

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  1. Holly, I so appreciate this insightful review of my new release (indeed the first of a new series). What an honor to be reviewed from the discerning viewpoint of a fellow writer. An impressive writer. May I echo “Killer opening” on your review? (Smile)
    Thank you for your time in both reading and reviewing Trauma Plan–such a blessing.


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