Book Review: Springtime of the Spirit

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Title: Springtime of the Spirit
Author: Maureen Lang
Publisher: Tyndale House
Date: March 2011
ISBN: 978-1414324371
Genre: Historical Romance
Reviewed by: Michelle Sutton

Set after the Great War has ended, Springtime of the Spirit shows how there is little to celebrate. After four years of fighting for his homeland, the hero returns to find little left of what he once called home. I loved the way the author shows the communist versus socialist theme of that time. I’ve always found it tragic that Europe has gone through so many wars, and even more tragic when countrymen kill each other with the hopes of making life better, only to make things worse.

The developing emotional relationship between the hero and heroine touched me because of their deep concern for each other. While drawn to each other, they fight closeness for many different reasons. I worried for their safety but also admired them for their bravery and commitment to what matters to them.

Lang’s spiritual arc develops naturally and makes a lot of sense. It’s so true that we need to find a relationship with God for ourselves. Sometimes that’s hard to do when we want to please someone else. In fact, the fear of losing someone may influence us so that our actions are not the result of a true desire to know God but a desire to have a connection with a person we don’t want to lose. Lang shows this conflict very well.

True Christian compassion and sacrifice are the core themes in this story. Forgiveness plays a part, but it’s the author’s depiction of Christian love that hits home for me. In every book Lang writes, something reaches my heart. This one is no exception.

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