Book Review: Ransome’s Crossing

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Title: Ransome’s Crossing
Author: Kaye Dacus
Publisher: Harvest House
Date: June 2011
ISBN: 978-0736927543
Genre: Historical Romance
Reviewed by: Patricia Woodside

Ransome’s Crossing brings to an end the saga of Julia Ransome and the Witherington and Ransome families. But not before Julia, and her husband’s sister, Charlotte, are both kidnapped by pirates. One is snatched by mistake, the other for revenge. Commodore William Ransome, only recently returned to Jamaica, must set out to rescue his wife and his sister, aided by Captain Ned Cochrane, Charlotte’s secret crush.

Kaye Dacus’ fantastic delivery of historical setting and detail continues. As much as I love her contemporary romances, her writing sings in this historical series. Through language and carefully chosen narrative elements, she plunges readers into a time when England maintained colonies in the Caribbean, protected by its Royal Navy, and when pirates, some working for the American government as privateers, abounded.

The Ransome trilogy is best read in order, as this is a continuing story wherein loose ends from the first two novels are tied up in this third and final tale. Still, readers who have not read the previous two books will find a meaty story of romance and suspenseful escapades at sea.

Readers who have read the prior books will be pleased to find that Charlotte remains as feisty as ever and Julia as determined as ever. Commodore Ransome has his hands filled keeping up with these two ladies. In this installment, readers also learn more about the relationship between Julia and her servants, people of color who serve not as slaves but as respected employees.

Like the perfect dessert, Ransome’s Crossing is a completely satisfying end to this delicious trilogy.

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