Book Review: Lights, Cowboy, Action

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by Kim Vandel

In her debut novel Lights, Cowboy, Action, Lesley Ann McDaniel takes us behind the scenes of North to Montana, an epic western sure to be a box office hit. Well, it will be if Courtney can keep Hollywood diva Angela Bijou from walking off the set. As assistant to the A-list actress, Courtney is expected to perform miracles like finding a bottle of imported D’eau Douce water in tiny Thornton Springs, Montana.
Lights Cowboy Action
Rancher Adam Greene knows that filming a movie in Thornton Springs is good for the town’s struggling economy, so he doesn’t mind the Hollywood invasion too much. But after helping Courtney rustle up a bottle of mineral water so she can keep her job, Adam finds himself caring for her more than he should, and he realizes that Hollywood can do much worse to him than spray paint his lawn green.

Ms. Bijou takes one look at Adam and decides she could use a cowboy of her own, and she expects Courtney to wrangle a date. Courtney would rather not be the one responsible for turning Adam into “the blue-plate special at Café Man-eater,” but Angela Bijou always gets what she wants. Courtney has to choose between losing her job and playing matchmaker for a guy she’d rather keep for herself.

Lesley Ann McDaniel blends humor, romance, and Hollywood into a story that manages to address the deeper issue of faith in between the laughs. Her warm, easy-going style immediately draws you in and makes you feel at home in Thornton Springs, and she encourages readers with the reminder that sometimes answers come from unexpected places.

Get ready to kick off your boots and visit Montana Hollywood-style this Tuesday with Lights, Cowboy, Action.

Kim Vandel photoKim Vandel wanted to be Princess Leia when she grew up, but she’s decided that being a writer is even better than leading a rebellion against the Empire. Her current project is a YA urban fantasy novel set in Washington state. It features plenty of coffee but no vampires. You can find her at

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  1. Great review Kim. I am almost to the end of my copy but am now dragging my (boot) heels because I don’t want it to end!

  2. Great review. Makes me feel like plageriazing for my review. Can’t top this one. It also made me remember why I read the book two times. 🙂 It was a great read and I am blessed to know the author and the reviewer!

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