Book Review: Deception

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Title: Deception
Author: Lillian Duncan
Publisher: Harbourlight Books
Date: Dec 2011
ISBN: 978-1611161479
Genre: Contemporary Romance Suspense
Reviewed by: Patricia Woodside

Just how tight is the bond between twins? How far should one twin go to save the twin who betrayed her?

Patti and Jamie Jakowski have not spoken in years. So when Patti gets a phone call from a niece she’s never even heard about, she’s caught off guard. It seems that Jamie’s in danger…if she’s still alive. Patti knows she must forget about how her sister betrayed her years ago, ruining her impending nuptials, and now do everything in her power to protect her niece and save her sister.

Detective Carter Caldwell must work with Patti to get to the truth while protecting her and the little girl, despite his better professional judgment and in spite of his growing attraction to her.

Unraveling the mysterious circumstances surrounding Jamie’s disappearance only leads to greater danger for Patti and her niece, and unexpected challenges for Caldwell.

Duncan has penned a highly suspenseful tale with twist after unexpected twist. The suspense soars as Duncan does an exceptional job of leading readers to believe what she wants them-and her characters-to believe up to the very last minute, right before throwing in the latest wrinkle.

Solid writing helps the story along, although at times the romance feels forced, as though Carter and Patti get together because that’s what is supposed to occur between leads in a story of this nature. Still, the story works overall on both the suspense and romance levels, and readers will keep turning the pages to get to the satisfying end on both fronts.

Review by: Patricia Woodside, Blogs: Readin N Writin with Patricia and It Starts with Me

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