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By Linda Robinson

If I were forced to choose only one blessing I’ve gleaned from my membership in ACFW, it would be hard. After much thought, I would have to say it occurred when I chose to become a part of Scribes, their critique group, which resulted in an even greater blessing.

While submitting chapters and critiquing others’ submissions, a small group of us simply clicked. We formed our own group, named it “The Four Critter-teers,” and the blessings just keep coming.

Each of us has a nickname. Dana Ray is our “Ray-o-vac Bunny” because of her endless energy to meet so many demanding obligations as a children’s minister, and she still manages to write more than the rest of us.

Our honorable Renie Onorato is the “Humor-Renie Queen” because she finds humor in everything and keeps us smiling. Believe me, we all need that-often.

Bea Fishback, our “Bea-Attitude Lady” lifts us up when we’re discouraged. Her gifts have never been more evident than in the last few months after she found out she had to have chemo treatments for lymphoma cancer. Now, she’s the one who should need the encouragement, yet, through her trials, Bea keeps displaying her great faith, courage, strength, and positive attitude in her posts on CaringBridge. She’s our true hero.

Last, I’ve been dubbed “The Ferret.” At first, I wasn’t sure being compared to that beady-eyed little varmint of the stinking polecat family was complimentary-until Renie explained it’s because I have a knack for flushing out easy-to-miss errors that others don’t see hiding in the fine prose. Why can’t I find all of them in my own writing?

Our hugely diverse group brings so much to the table. One by one, we’re getting to meet in person, and we’re hoping to bring the Midwest, Deep South, and Over-the-Pond together in a week-long “Write Fest” at my home in November. Plans are to brainstorm, write, and talk about our upcoming projects a lot-and eat, laugh, and talk just a little. Pfft!

If you are a Christian Fiction writer and haven’t yet joined the Scribes critique group, you’re missing out on numerous blessings. You’ll never know whom you could have met and formed a blessed relationship to share story ideas, encouragement, and prayer for each other. I love my critter friends.

Are you participating?

Linda RobinsonLinda Robinson is the author of two published novels. She’s an active member of her local Writers’ Forum, ACFW, Scribes, and others. Linda recently completed her third manuscript, in addition to guest-blogging and writing fiction and non-fiction humorous short stories for magazines and contests. Find out more about Linda by visiting her web site and reading her blogs on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. As always, I have enjoyed your writing here and in your books. I feel like I was there while reading your books, since it took place in an area of which I am familiar. I am looking forward to the next book. I know it will be just as good or better than the first two. God bless you all.

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