Are You Joining Us? Top ten reasons to come!

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I’ve been attending the ACFW conference for the past few years. This will be my third!

So why go?

Here are my TOP 10 Reasons (okay, they are the first ones that come to mind and well worth it.)
1. Education
2. Networking
3. Promotion of your work
4. To find an editor/publishing house/agent
5. To receive your award (Remember the Genesis Contest is for unpublished authors and announced at the conference:-D)
6. To rub elbows and learn from successful authors
7. To meet up with friends from all over the world that you only see once a year
8. To connect with your blog partners
9. Intense Early Bird class (you will grow in leaps and bounds from this one thing alone!!!!!!!!!!)
10. To find out the newest publishing world information

I’ve found a writing partner. 5 blog partners that started the FAITH GIRLS with me after the first conference we attended together, an agent, and tons of friends.

I think one of the most important things for me is connecting with other writers. We may write different genres, live in other places, but I totally love it when they “get” how my mind works! The brainstorming that happens fills me up for the whole year, lol, I can’t get writing fast enough.

After this last year of so much stressful change, I really look forward to filling my well with the worship and companionship.

If you aren’t already signed up for this phenomenal experience in Minneapolis this year, head on over to and check out the conference info.

You can also check out American Christian Fiction Writers conference blog for even more information.

Angie Breidenbach

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