An Avalanche of…Stuff

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by Roxanne Rustand

My husband claims that both he and our dogs are afraid to stay in my office for any length of time, as they fear for their lives amidst the floor to ceiling bookshelves taking up every centimeter of space not taken by doors, windows and my desk. The bookshelves are, I admit, overflowing. And then, there’s the stack of 26 x 18 inch storage boxes in front of one set of shelves that’s taller than I am, filled with research books, office supplies, novels I can’t bear to part with. How did this all happen?

For those of you who started writing back when I did, in 1992, you will remember that the world of writing was a lot different. The Internet wasn’t yet fully fledged as an amazing and instant research tool, for one thing. So when I started a new book, I avidly studied the Edward R. Hamilton book catalogs. Those deep-discount catalogs had everything I could want–and then some. And no matter how many research books I bought, the flat shipping rate was $3.00. Be still my heart! 🙂 So boxes and boxes came, over time, and added to those already here. And being an inveterate collector of books, I couldn’t bear to let any of them go.

BUT. There comes a time….and mine finally came last month, spurred on by Deborah Raney’s Facebook profile. I so enjoy seeing the beautiful photos of her home office, and the lovely way she occasionally rearranges things and decorates! I don’t have that talent, but decided that what I can do, is to start sorting, discarding, and at least make my office a lot more livable. How about you–do any of you have the same problem I’ve had? I would love to hear about the space you use for your writing, and if you have found a good way to be organized. Do you have any suggestions for those of us who are sure we might someday need EVERYTHING we’ve stored away?

And, now, I’m going to get started on cleaning…and also, will send Deborah a Facebook message and thank her for being such a wonderful inspiration!

Best wishes to you all,

Roxanne Rustand 2015USA Today Bestselling author Roxanne Rustand has written forty traditionally published and indie published novels. Though she started in secular fiction, she has been writing inspirational novels and also sweet romance since 2007. You can find her at,,, and on Twitter at @roxannerustand.

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  1. This tickled me to pieces to be mentioned, Roxanne! Great post, and all the best on getting your office into fine working order so we can all have some more Roxanne Rustand novels! 🙂

  2. As I’m reading your blog, I’m looking around my office and wondering when you got in here. I don’t care how many times I clean up, clean out or just plain throw away, a month later you can’t walk in here. I think ‘stuff’ just throws itself at me.

    But once I get this book in, I.AM.Going.To.Do.It.Again.

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