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Guest post by Peggy Phifer

Genre: \`zhän-r?\ n. fr. 1: a category of artistic, musical or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form or content.

In this case we’ll be concentrating on the literary composition part of this definition.

Join us at the Sips ‘n Cups Café and Reading Room blog in April as 22  published authors appear as guest bloggers to talk about the genre in which they write . . . and why they chose it. The primary goal of this series is to acquaint new writers with the different genres and sub-genres available to them, and the subtle nuances within them. But it’s also going to be a fun peek into the featured authors’ personalities, as well.

Below is the current schedule, listed by date, genre & author. Mark YOUR calendars.

4/1: Mystery/Amish/Contemporary/Cozy; Vannetta Chapman
4/2: Historical/Biblical; Roseanne White
4/5: Women’s Fiction; Alison Strobel
4/6: Westerns; Stephen Bly
4/7: Romantic Suspense; K. Dawn Byrd
4/8: Children’s Lit: Lila Guzman
4/9: Historical Romance/YA; Melanie Dickerson
4/12: Science Fantasy; Stuart Stockton
4/13: Historical Romance “Straight Up;” Andrea Boeshaar
4/14: Contemporary Romance; Gail Sattler
4/15: Mystery/Contemporary; Donn Taylor
4/16: Fantasy; Fred Warren
4/19: Romantic Suspense/Medical; Richard Mabry, MD
4/20: Historical Romantic Suspense; Cara Putman
4/21: Fantasy/Teens: Jill Williamson
4/22: Love Stories (as opposed to Romance); Dennis Bates
4/23: YA; Stephanie Merrill
4/26: Mystery/Cozy; Cynthia Hickey
4/27: Historical Fiction/Biblical; Jill Eileen Smith
4/28: Adventure/YA/Teen Boys: Max Elliot Anderson
4/29: “What’s my genre when it doesn’t fit anywhere?” Jim Rubart
4/30: Historical Romance plus CBA/ABA discussion: Laurie Alice Eakes

Each author has been given free rein to discuss their topic in any way they wish and have been invited to share any recent releases and links to their websites and/or blogs. There may even be a few surprises here and there.

Here’s your chance to learn not only about genre writing, but you might even find a new favorite author or genre.

So, there you have it. Please plan on dropping in and encourage these authors. Let your friends know too. And be sure to leave comments when you can.

BIO: Peggy Blann Phifer is an author and columnist, book reviewer and author interviewer, whose work has appeared on various Web sites and writer periodicals both in print and online. A member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) since 2001, Peg served on the ACFW Operating Board as Treasurer for two years. She is also an avid reader who loves to escape by diving between the covers of a good book. Peg enjoys handcrafts of all kinds and her home shows off some of her work, though most end up as gifts for friends and family. A retired executive assistant, Peg now makes her home in southern Nevada with husband Jim. Her first novel, a Romantic Suspense titled TO SEE THE SUN, will make its debut appearance in the fall of 2011, from Sheaf House Publishers.

Contact her at her website at:

Visit her blog “Sips ‘n Cups Café and Reading Room” at:

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