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by Natasha Kern
Natasha Kern Literary Agency

I want to celebrate the new options for writers and the empowerment that has come with the advent of ebooks. There is no question that writers now have more choices about what they can write and how and when they can become published. Books that previously were too short or too long, that were in unusual settings or crossed genres, that inexplicably didn’t sell to a publisher now can be published and find readers. Published authors who want to experiment with something new to see if their readers will like it, can try doing that.

And the ways in which agents can support the careers of writers has proliferated as well. Working on reversions has supported new life for old books. I’ve published over one hundred books for clients since last July! Some have hit several Amazon top 100 lists which was great! Some earn a steady income for my clients ($1,000/book/month is not unusual and some earn far more than that) by renewing their backlist titles. And some books have allowed us to work with print publishers in new ways-even resell the books.

You may have seen the ebook novella collection A Home For Christmas by Mary Connealy and Robin Lee Hatcher that has sold quite well. I wanted to showcase Mary and Robin in a new way and reach more readers who would like their other books. They both wanted to write holiday novellas and said they could do this quickly. We wanted to reach readers of all those new Kindles at the end of the year. The print publishers agreed it was a terrific idea-they just couldn’t do a book in a few weeks. So I did it. This helps my clients’ careers, supports their print sales and increases income. Everyone is happy!

Similarly, I am working with Simon & Schuster to experiment in ways that will showcase my client Sherry Jones’s big historical novel Four Sisters, All Queens that Gallery is publishing in 2012. At my suggestion, they agreed to e-publish a novella The White Heart prior to the release of this novel and quickly developed a stellar cover and publicity plan. I agreed to e-publish a subsequent novella after the publication of the book to increase my client’s income stream, to keep my client visible with readers until her next book comes out and to provide a way for her to write about a secondary character that otherwise would not have a story. Isn’t this exciting?

I have worked out similar arrangements with a number of publishers in which we cooperate to grow a writer’s career. I’m delighted to be working with Amazon’s Montlake division on print and e-books and hope they will soon launch an inspirational line. It is fun and profitable to be an agent today-and to be a writer!

Natasha Kern has personally sold well over 1,000 books, has worked as an agent more than 20 years after working for major publishers in New York and has a strong commitment to discover new talent in inspirational fiction as well as developing the careers of her clients. Natasha works in both ABA and CBA. Her list includes: mainstream women’s fiction; romantic suspense; mysteries and thrillers; and contemporary and historical novels, Biblical fiction, romantic comedy, Amish fiction, and issue-oriented fiction, young adult and other subgenres. Her clients include several New York Times best-selling authors, USA Today Best Sellers; RITA, CAROL and EDGAR winners. She represents Christy winners and finalists as well as other popular CBA authors and ECPA bestsellers. Information about the agency is available on the Internet at

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  1. Natasha, this was fun to read. I’d been listening to conference CDs while picking my daughter up from youth group and JUST heard you talking about the new kinds of possibilities that would be opening up. Felt like some sort of time travel to come home and read this. 🙂

  2. This news IS exciting–so many opportunities and so diverse!

    It’s wonderful to read all the ways you support and work with your clients, Natasha. We are privileged and grateful writers!

  3. Hi Natasha,

    While so many others are spreading the panic about e-books, it’s nice to hear positive things and adjust to the change and be creative with it.


    Anna Labno

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