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Stacy Monson is the Area Coordinator for Minnesota. She has spearheaded the formation of new chapters in their area. She has worked long hours to get things done. Stacy has also served as president of her local chapter. ACFW wouldn’t be the organization it is without members willing to work at the local level as well as the national one. Thank you, Stacy, for all your hard work.

Margaret Daley
ACFW President

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  1. What great encouragement, Stacy! Thank you for this step by step approach to overcoming my all too natural fear of promotion. The thing that motivates me when fear looms large is to remember that if God infused me with a story to write He means for it to reach readers. Through promoting our books we can, in one more way, be His hands and feet in the world. But, as you said, without facing our fear and acknowledging it, we’d still be quaking like that cowardly lion. Thanks again!

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