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This week we are highlighting Jill Hups. She has been with HIS Writers from the beginning. She served a four-year term as secretary, and when she reached term limit, was willing to serve as vice-president. A visionary, she makes extra work for herself by serving as a driving force behind many of the new endeavors at both the local and state level and being willing to work to implement, not just “dream up” these ideas.

Jill created the new ACFW Colorado website and as well designed websites for all the chapters in Colorado. She decided they needed a social media presence and set us up on Facebook and other venues where she promotes events for all the chapters in Colorado. She edits and designs the newsletter sent out monthly for HIS Writers, as well as the newsletter Margies sent quarterly as Colorado Coordinator. She headed up the committee for the first HIS Writer’s seminar, and worked with other volunteers to pull together the ACFW Colorado Retreat with Cec Murphey. Twice a month she hosts a prayer group in her home where they gather to pray for HIS Writers, ACFW Colorado, and the folks at the national level, as well as personal concerns. She has worked with passion, diligence, and tirelessly, believing her work to be of value to her Lord. Best of all, Jill is a prayer warrior who has walked beside many of us, lifting us to the Father, carrying our burdens, and speaking His truth and encouragement when we are weary.

Thank you, Jill. What a blessing you are to ACFW and the Colorado members.

Margaret Daley
ACFW President

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  1. Hello. This is my third ACFW conference and I just had my first novel subsidy-published. I would like to volunteer at this conference. If I can help you with anything, please let me know. I’ll be there for “early bird” lectures.

    Patrick Johnston

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