Genesis Finalists

We are so excited to announce our 2021 Genesis Finalists! Thanks so much to those who entered our contest. If you don’t see your name listed below, please know we appreciated your entry to the Genesis Contest, and we hope you enter again next year! Winners will be announced during the Awards Gala at ACFW’s 2021 Virtual Conference. Please go here for more information.

Genesis Semifinalists

Deena Adams
Jayna Breigh
Terri McAdoo
Jamie Ogle
Kendy Pearson
Anita Seavey
Historical Romance
Savanna Kaiser
Amy Renaud
Lorinda White
Brian Jackson
Peder Jacobsen
Andra Loy
Stephanie Finsterbush
Stephanie Goddard
Martha Hutchens
Deborah Clack
Mindy Graham
Kelly Scott
Romantic Suspense
Kelly Borjas
M.J. Hoover
Christina Lombardi
Short Novel
Stephanie Atkins
Loretta Eidson
Jeanne Takenaka
Sara C. Anderson
Paige Reed
Pat Schantz
Young Adult
Kelly Fernlake
Kristen Fisher
Annette Griffin