ACFW Conference Prayer: For those teaching workshops (Day 18)

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Please join us in today’s prayer for ACFW’s Conference (Day 18).

Topic: For those teaching workshops

Scripture: Does not wisdom call, and understanding lift up her voice? ~Proverbs 8:1

Lord, it can be challenging to offer instruction and receive feedback, especially in the area of life we do cherish— writing. So we ask, Holy Father, that all the attendees and instructors will have a spirit of humility and gratefulness. Make this conference a special one for each instructor – touch hearts, change lives. Fill each one with Your peace, and pour Your blessings upon them for their service. Give them wisdom and direction as they prepare the materials for conference.
Please bless us with words from You, delivered by those who have already tread some of the way. May we receive insights that further our walk with you and our craft.

Written by Elizabeth Alia

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