ACFW Conference Prayer: For God’s Will for Conference (Day 1)

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ACFW Conference Prayer: That God’s Will be Accomplished at Conference


It seems there have been many obstacles and roadblocks leading into this year’s conference. Some who are heartbroken in not being able to attend or having to cancel. Others who are dealing with illness or injury. At this moment, we ask you to prepare our hearts, and lean into you, whether we are attending the conference or not.

For those attending, it can be a nervous time for those pitching projects, a time of disappointment, or a time of jubilation. It is a joyous time of fellowship as well. We ask that you fill that hotel in San Antonio with your spirit, presence and peace. We ask that your will be accomplished during these days of conference and beyond. Let your light shine through each attendee. We trust you Lord, and lean on your promises. Amen.


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  1. God’s will can be so hard to face
    (in such hauteur man proposes!),
    devolving into brutal grace,
    and God alone disposes.
    There is so much that makes no sense,
    occasions that affront the soul
    to bring to rise dark sentiments
    to shatter that which once was whole.
    But there’s one thing we need recall,
    that we are not left here alone;
    He came to nullify the Fall,
    and for our sin He doth atone.
    Remember, when it seems the worst,
    God’s will fell on Jesus first.

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