ACFW Conference Prayer: Clarity of Speech for those Pitching (Day 17)

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2018 ACFW Conference 40 Days of Prayer

Day 17 – Topic: Clarity of speech for those who are pitching projects to editors and agents

Philippians 4: 13–I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Dear Lord,

We are anxious as we face a moment we have long waited for … presenting our dream to an agent or editor. We pray that you will give us the ability to communicate our story, our passion, and our belief in our writing in a way that will honor and glorify You. May we remember that we write for You, and may the memory ease our anxious thoughts, calm our stuttering tongue, and give us rest in knowing that whatever the outcome – You are in control. We submit our communication to You. Be the Master of this moment!  Amen.

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