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Reviewed by: Laura Hilton

An Amish Heart is a collection of three novellas written by three Amish authors.

A Marriage of the Heart – by Kelly Long. Abigail Kauffman told a lie. Angry that Joseph Lambert ignored her beauty, she lied about him making inappropriate moves toward her, and they are forced to marry. Joseph knows it’s a lie, but he agrees because he wants a way into the community. Abby is looking for a way out; but instead, Joseph moves into her home, with her father, and prepares to stay. Is there any hope for this marriage built on deceit?

What the Heart Sees – by Kathleen Fuller. Ellie Chupp was blinded in a car accident, the accident that killed her best friend and drove another man, Christopher Miller, from the close-knit community. But five years later, Chris is back, considering joining the church-until he discovers his sister is engaged to the man Chris blames for killing his fiancee. Will Ellie help Chris move past his anger and stay?

Healing Hearts – by Beth Wiseman. Naaman Lapp left his wife, Levina, after 31 years of marriage. Now, 11 months later, he is home, wanting to take up where they left off. Levina allows him back in her home, but it’s going to be some time before she allows him back into her heart. What can Naaman possibly do to win back his wife’s trust?

At first I didn’t like Abby Kauffman, A Marriage of the Heart, but have to say that I loved Joseph, and I loved the sparks between them. Abby did grow on me. This story was the most fun to read in the novella collection. I loved this story.

What the Heart Sees is written by an author that I love, so I had high hopes for it. I don’t remember ever reading a story similar to this, but for some reason it seemed familiar. Ellie is a sweet heroine, and Chris a confused and hurting hero. It is a cute story, and reads well.

Healing Hearts is a story about a couple trying to rekindle their love after the husband betrays his marriage vows. This book is the most difficult to read, but it’s also the most hopeful that marriages can be repaired after a betrayal…whether it’s physical or emotional. There are a lot of hurting marriages out there, and I feel this story can have a healing effect, if the couple takes the time to rediscover each other.

Several yummy sounding recipes and discussion questions are included at the back of the book. If you are looking for a great novella collection, I highly recommend An Amish Love.

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