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Have you heard about our ACFW Bookclub?

Each month the club chooses two ACFW members’ books that have been submitted by the authors. I run the giveaway where the chosen authors (from our monthly poll) donate 4 copies of their books to Bookclub members. Then, we have announcements on upcoming discussions with blurbs about each chosen book. We do our polls and giveaways months in advance, so this goes by our calendar and genre.

The two discussions (run concurrently) are always from the 20th to the end of the month and I have a pool of fabulous discussion leaders who take on these duties. If you’re a member of the club, you might recognize them: Carole Brown, Lisa Lickel, Kathy Cretsinger, Rachel Bradford, Martha Artymenko, Shawna Williams, Carrie Pagels and Casey Herringshaw. I couldn’t do this without them.

If you’d like your book to be in the poll, with over 1,500 book club readers perusing your title and short summary of your book, please go to the ACFW website: to fill out the form. Your book will be promoted on the ACFW book club section of the website if chosen. Anyone can ask to belong to the club, but only ACFW member books are accepted to the polls. (If you have trouble accessing the ACFW website, email:


1. Only ACFW members’ novels and novellas from ACFW Recognized Publishers are eligible for ACFW Book Club discussion. The ACFW Book Club is a forum for discussing Christian fiction and offering our members an opportunity to showcase their books. All books considered for the ACFW Book Club must be Christian fiction and non-subsidized (not self-published and the author did not participate financially in the production or distribution of the book.)

2. To keep the selection process as fair as possible, voting on an ACFW Book Club selection for an upcoming month is limited to ACFW Book Club members who have been members a minimum of one month, and who intend to participate in the Book Club. Joining the ACFW Book Club only for the purpose of casting a vote for a single book is contrary to the purposes of the Book Club, offers an unfair advantage to that book, and disrespects the votes of the ongoing Book Club members.

3. During the last two weeks of the month, only discussions of the books picked for the month or the moderator’s posts about upcoming months will be allowed on the loop.

If you have a new book being released later this year or next and it meets the guidelines, we would be happy to accept it in the poll for our members to vote on.

ACFW Book Club votes on different book genres throughout the year. We don’t have a limit on how many books you can submit and each book you submit will only be up on the voting poll once. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me. And check out our ACFW Bookclub Picks on my Pinterest board link below.
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Crystal Laine Miller has written and published over 1000 book reviews in magazines and columns, as well as written book/manuscript reports and evaluations for agents and publishers. She’s married to an ER doc with four grown sons and two dogs.

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