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There’s a lot of buzz about the upcoming ACFW conference in Minneapolis, MN,
September 18-21, 2008. To find out more details and read more blog entries
about it go to https://www.acfw.com/ or www.acfw.com/conference. I’ve been
reading several of the blogs and thought I would do something a little
different–an acrostic like some of the chapters in the book of Psalms. So,
here are a few of the many things I am looking forward to at conference!

Angie Hunt, our keynote speaker
Christian friends
Fellowship–the best this side of heaven!
Wow Worship!

Classes galore
Old friends
New friends
Forever friends
Eating with friends, and editors and agents
Reminiscing about past conferences
Excitement of new contracts
Chocolate party and choir
Expectations of God’s blessing

I’ve already registered and got my hotel and plane reservations. Hope you’ll
join us for all this and more!

Rose McCauley

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  1. Hello Rose, I’m so excited about this, my first ACFW conference, that I booked my room a week before Registration opened up. Then I reg’d as soon as I heard they were taking registrations.

    I can’t wait to attend the workshops, especially those given by my favourite authors.

    But I think the part that I’m most thrilled about is that I’m going to be fellowshipping with friends I’ve met and spent so much time talking to on the net.

    Oh…and yes, the worship…I hear the Harp and Bowl is not to be missed. 🙂

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