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By Loretta Eidson

Life has a way of clouding our vision. We get caught up in caring for family and long workdays juggling multiple responsibilities. In addition, many of us must get kids off to school or prepare for weeks of homeschooling. Housework, laundry, and yard work. We go through the mail, pay bills, and balance checkbooks. Did I mention food, cooking, and washing dishes? That’s another responsibility eating away our time.

All this busyness sends us into a tailspin. Our longing to put words on paper suffers yet another day. Frustration mounts. Who has time to write?

Although my grown children have homes of their own, I still have a horde of obligations. I miss the mark and don’t always manage my time perfectly. Those missed opportunities force me to revisit my calendar, re-adjust my schedule, and refocus.

I recently returned home from a women’s retreat hosted in a rural area, away from the noises of city life. It was a beautiful, serene setting filled with silence and peace. Trees swayed with the wind as a plethora of red, orange, and yellow leaves danced in the falling rain as though they welcomed a fresh drink and cooler weather. What an amazing opportunity to pause, take in God’s beauty, and recharge.

We all need a fresh outlook. Getting away for a weekend, a day, or even an hour can reset attitudes, give insight to overloaded schedules, and offer inspiration for writing. As the Lord said to Moses in Exodus 33:14, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Just a moment of God’s rest gives renewed strength and clearer vision.

Everyone’s ways of recharging look different. What works for me may not work for others, and that’s okay. My days differ since I work from home, but I have a preferred, or should I say, desired routine?

  1. Get up and drag myself to the coffeepot. Yes, I need a caffeine fix. Curl up on the sofa and invite the Lord to sit with me. With Bible in hand, I meditate on His Word and bask in His presence. Note: This routine only lasts fifteen to thirty minutes.
  2. Add in a little exercise to wake up my relaxed muscles. Doing this helps maintain better health and, need I mention, weight loss.
  3. Select a healthy breakfast—My downfall. Cinnamon rolls aren’t healthy, but they sure taste good. Okay, let me say that again, “Select a healthy breakfast.”
  4. Shower and prepare for the day. I’m not a pajama writer. I must feel put together and ready to meet my fictional characters, or whoever may knock on my front door.
  5. Check my daily schedule for appointments and commitments.
  6. Spend approximately thirty minutes checking email and visiting with friends on social media.
  7. Grab something to drink. That’s coffee, tea, or water for me, and get to work on my writing project.

Though I didn’t want to take time out of my hectic schedule for a weekend getaway, it benefited me more than I imagined it could. Many of us make excuses for not allowing down time, when all the while we wish it were possible. Even if we can’t escape the confines of our homes, we can select that one spot to meet the need, like coffee on the patio, a casual walk around the block, or a comfy recliner.

I challenge everyone to rework your calendar and purposely allow time alone time with God. A spiritual refreshing will offer peace, give you wisdom, and grant a fresh outlook on all you do, including writing.

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Loretta Eidson is an award-winning author who loves writing romantic suspense. She is agented by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency. Loretta is a member of ACFW, BRMCWC, RWA, SinC, and HACWN. She loves chocolate, caramel, and coffee. Loretta lives in Mississippi with her husband, Ken, a retired Police Captain.


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  1. Thank you, Loretta, for your valuable insights. My husband and I recently spent two days at a cottage near the beach. The peace was rejuvenating.

    When we seek first the kingdom of God, all things will be added to us (Matthew 6: 33).



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