A Different Kind of Contract

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By Nancy Ellen Hird

When I first began to write for publication, I heard a Christian business man talk about how he made an employment contract with God. He said it made a huge difference in his attitude toward work and in his productivity.

It seemed an odd idea at first (a little churchy), but the more I turned the idea over in my mind, the more I became convinced it would be the right thing for me to do. God was not just for Sunday nor was He just about my morals. He really did care about me and He wanted to care for me in every aspect of my life.

And, I liked the idea of working for someone else. I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. I also liked the idea of working with a partner, especially someone who was wiser and more capable than I. The following contract is what I came up with. I tacked it up in my work room where it would catch my eye. (It’s still there.)

I, ________________________________________________, recognize God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, as the senior team member in the writings of_____________________________________________________________________.

This includes__________________________________________________________


All questions, needs, problems, worries, and fears that arise during the pursuit of this activity shall be referred to the senior member for assistance and solution.

The junior team member,__________________________________________, relinquishes control and will rest under the mighty hand of God and enjoy His presence.



“I am the vine; you are the branches.
If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit…”
John 15:5

Having this contract with God helped me and continues to help me. I’d come to the writing table with some questionable values–competitiveness and perfectionism. They had worked for me during my school days, but these values didn’t get high marks with God. Having the contract reminded me (and still reminds me) to rely on listening for His directions and seeking His plans. He values me and values the work that He and I are doing together. He has a place for it. I don’t have to scramble for that place. I don’t have to fret. He knows what He is doing and it is good.

I’d also come to the writing table with gigantic, humongous self-doubts, fear of rejection and their sly accomplice–procrastination. I wish I could tell you that these thieves are long gone. But I can’t. They are still sneaking around me, hoping to find an open window. However, I can say that the contract has helped me remember that I have a great Boss. He believes in me–in us–even when I don’t.

I also keep a notebook where I write memos to “the Boss.” And I get answers–something will come in the mail or email; I’ll read an article that will answer a current question; I will meet someone who just “happens” to be an expert. And of course, there is the day’s devotion reading that speaks to God’s more-than-enough help and comfort on the very day that my courage to persevere has done a vanishing act and I’m about to take the next decade off from writing. I write the answers to my memos in the margins. Sometimes I go back and re-read the memos and their answers. What a blessing!

We All Get a ClueI Get a Clue is book one in Nancy Ellen Hird’s mystery series for girls –from My Edinburgh Files. We All Get a Clue is the second book and continues the adventures of Libby and her friends. Nancy also writes fiction for adults. She is a contributor to the short-story collections 21 Days of Love and 21 Days of Joy.

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